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زهــــرة الـصـبــار

Hereby is a selection of Hala Elkoussy artworks. As a buyer, you get an original, signed artwork. You also help a quality film be made and make an investment in the future.


All artwork sale proceeds will go towards the production of the film Cactus Flower.  We can't make this film without your help. We have managed to cut our costs to a bare minimum but we still need money for permits, equipment rental, props & costumes. 


We will deliver the artwork to your door in Cairo. You can let us know of your choice by email:


To know more about Cactus Flower Film and the team, check our website.  

Thank you advance

Hala Elkoussy

on behalf of the Cactus Flower team

Born in Cairo, Hala Elkoussy is a visual artist with an international career with artworks in the collections of major museums Worldwide, including Tate Modern, London. Elkoussy's work deal primarily with the history of her place of birth, Cairo. Elkoussy is co-founder of the Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, the Fotomasr archive of historical photographs from Egypt and the 2010 Abraaj Capital Art Prize winner. Cactus Flower is her first feature. This year, the film was invited to take part in the Fabrique Cinemas du Monde program in the framework of the International Cannes Film Festival. Production of the film is scheduled for October 2016.

For more on Hala Elkoussy and the artworks below:

زهرة الصبار قصة ثلاثة غرباء تجمعهم الظروف عندما يفقدون كل شيء في لحظة

.الحكاية حكاية مقاومة بالصداقة والحلم والعمل

Cactus Flower is the story of three strangers who come together after

a banal catastrophe leaves them homeless in Cairo, a city on the verge.

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